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Why the Aluminum Polymer Capacitors?

SOOSAN ENESOL has developed the Aluminum Polymer capacitors that the solid electrolyte contains an electro-conductive polymer as essential constituent. This product is named the EneCap™. The conductive polymer does not use liquid electrolyte that they will not dry out, leak, or suffer gas buildup and burst. The benefits of EneCap™ on the circuit level over the standard liquid aluminum capacitors are as follows.

ㆍLow Impedance and Low ESR at High Frequency
ㆍLow Noise and Greater Power Efficiency
ㆍHigh Ripple Current
ㆍLonger Life
ㆍHigh Temperature Capability
ㆍMultiple Capacitors Replacement
ㆍExtended Capacitance Ratings
ㆍHigher Voltage Stability & Reliability
ㆍQuick Response
ㆍRoHS Compliant